Tech: Social Media

24 04 2010

Matt Silverman at Mashable recently published a helpful article about social media resources and how businesses can benefit.  Check it out here.


Personal: NY Adventure (cont.)

19 04 2010

I am sitting at JFK reflecting on a terrific weekend. This city is truly unlike any other I have ever visited. Saturday we celebrated my sister’s birthday with brunch at Freemans (truly a hidden gem). Then continued the celebration on into the evening at a speakeasy appropriately named Backdoor. Everyone drank champagne from tea cups or paper bagged beer bottles. Sunday we decided to explore the city before catching the Broadway musical In the Heights. I’m sad the weekend has passed, but I trust it won’t be long before I visit again. Happy birthday sis!

Personal: Penn Station Train in NY

17 04 2010

Fifteen minutes on the train followed by a ten minute subway ride and I’d be at my sister’s apartment in New York. No problem, right? WRONG! In my haste to catch the train, I forgot to buy a ticket, something I realized just as the conductor began making his way through the cabin. He stamped one ticket after the next until he reached me. I sheepishly told him that I must have missed a step before boarding the train. He asked for my ID and began filling out one of his chits.

A beautiful six-foot blonde that I just so happened to sit next to (lucky me) stopped the conductor and offered up her extra pass on my behalf. She even walked me to the subway line I needed to catch before heading off in the opposite direction. Between the chaos of the NY subway station and my less than stellar introduction… I somehow forgot to ask for her number.

–So, to Caitlin from Long Island, I am sorry. At the very least, I owe you a drink. I hope to cross paths if not this weekend, then when you are visiting grad schools in California.–

What a way to begin my NY adventure. Off to bed for now, later today we celebrate my sister’s 30th birthday… look for more stories to come ;).

Tech: Twitter

12 04 2010

I have engaged in many conversations from people either unsure of Twitter and its capabilities or enamored with all the advantages the site can offer.  Claire Adams, a fellow APOC student, had an “aha” moment that she shared on her blog about the most recent earthquake in California.

In an effort to increase these “aha” moments, Twitter created guides to help shed light on the subject.  Twitter Media is the newest guide for media organizations unveiled earlier this morning.  The goal is to show how the knowledge and tools on Twitter can  help transform media, entertainment, and journalism practices.  Another helpful page I refer to often is the Twitter 101–Best Practices guide.  It targets business people, who want to capitalize on the enormous audience that frequents Twitter.  Check ’em out and see if they can help you.

Week 14: New Developments in Mobile and Gaming

12 04 2010

Guest Speaker

Speaker: Josh Levison, practice lead for Mobile & Gaming at IPG Emerging Media Lab

The Inter Public Group (IPG) Lab is a holding company of advertising agencies that is harnessing innovation to further technologies.  A few of the emerging media that they work on: mobile, gaming, online video, and social media.  Josh’s job is to be a digital strategist with a focus on mobile and gaming.  The discussion we had was amazing.  There is a lot of emerging technologies that makes these two fields particularly exciting.


Infrastructure: Soon mobile phones will be your primary computing device.  People need to have technology in hands.  It needs to be simple to use.  And the network needs to support that technology.

Behavior: People are adapting new behaviors with their phone.  Already 40% of iPhone users browse the web more on their phone than on their PC (3 years down the road, this could be pretty telling).

4G: Speed of network is staggering—20x faster than average US Broadband speed.  Expect phones to run your Internet and TV connection by the end of 2011.

Location-Based Movement: This allows you to figure out the person as an advertiser and target content specifically to meet their needs.  For example, if someone is reading about iPhones, then have an ad about the phone.  Better yet, if someone is in a movie theater, target he or she with an ad about a Bose surround sound home entertainment system.  Location-based movement allows you to target people that are more inclined to buy your product.


Things to consider: How does a brand interact physiologically?  If you are petting a dog on a touch screen for an ad, are you paying per click or per pet?  In-game marketing is an advantage to advertisers.  Farmville offers you the ability to unlock certain things if you participate enough on the fan page.  This is a model that will be used more frequently down the road.

Things to check out: MIT 6th Sense Project and Project Natal (Milo)

Karen’s Corner

  • User experience is everything.  Always think about how easy it is to start up and use your site.
  • Don’t give up on Email.  It is still very useful in business, and is a good way to get your message out.  Even if spam mail, people will read the subject line.
  • People by nature (social norms)
  • Diffusion of responsibility—point out someone to do something instead asking a group of people to do something (people will place differ the responsibility to others in the group instead of taking it on themselves)
  • Law of reciprocity—if someone gives something to you… you’ll likely want to give back
  • Reactants—reaction you have when someone forces you to do something (you react back and don’t want to do it)

Personal: Nexus One Update

7 04 2010

Last time I spoke of my new favorite piece of technology, I had nothing but positive remarks.  The novelty has not quite worn off either.  I love this thing!  I’ve never been so organized with my Google Calendar, so connected with my Facebook and Twitter apps… I’ll even write a blog post or two via my mobile device.  It does it all!

  • Newest app: Digg… Finally, a news app that makes staying current in the world fun.
  • Most played app: Real Blackjack… I’m off to Vegas this weekend for my birthday, so let’s hope all the practice pays big money!
  • Most useful app: Pandora… I use to have a nasty habit of over playing new songs, but with Pandora I never have that problem (I have not been compensated for this endorsement, but will accept any and all offers). ;)
  • Most desired app: Words with Friends… Does apple have exclusive rights to this game??

I know there are a lot more great apps out there…  let me know which one’s have simplified your life.

Reading: The Age of Conversation

5 04 2010

The Age of Conversation edited by Gavin Heaton and Drew McLellan is a collection of 100 voices (authors) having one conversation.  Topics discuss how marketers, bloggers, companies, and just about everyone else can benefit from having a simple conversation.  Marketers need to listen to consumers.  Bloggers need to listen to their followers.  Companies need to listen to their customers.  Thanks to the Internet, everyone has a voice and it is time that people listen.

Here are a couple of stories that I wanted to highlight because they are particularly relevant to what we are learning in the APOC program:

“Using the Tools of the Web to Build Relationships Online” -Jordan Behan

  • Speak to your visitors
  • Share plenty of information about your business, your people and your process (it will attract even more consumers)
  • Skip the mission statement & brochure-like hard sell
  • Blog strategy: mix in healthy doses of personality and a focus on value for readers (I’m working on it… I know my blogging is a bit dry)
  • Let everyone in your company have a say
  • Social networks
    • You are joining your friends at their party, on their terms
    • Become an active member and add value
    • If you cannot do this, don’t join
  • Be transparent in any marketing that you do
  • Be yourself

“Speaking Through Action” -Mark Blair

  • Target your attention
  • Learn to use Technorati and so that you can pinpoint the conversations you need to be apart of… this is your community
  • Do more listening than talking
    • Engage in other blogs
    • Ask a lot of questions
    • Understand the dynamics at work in the community
      • Identify what motivates these people
      • Identify what they are passionate about
    • Find the social magnets in the community
      • See what they did from the start to develop that popularity
    • Identify your community needs
      • Ignore your agenda
      • Figure out what will make their lives easier, better and more entertaining

Other notable concepts:

  • Have a clear and concise message.  It will improve retention and reach. -Roger Anderson
  • Maintain strong customer support through open dialogue with consumers. Then, address their needs. -Becky Carroll
  • Communication leads to understanding.  When a company understands the wants and needs of consumers, it can more effectively market its products to them. -Mack Collier
  • To keep your employees engaged use a heavy dose of honesty, respect, fun, variety, shared value and vision, and time for each other. -Anna Farmery
  • Say who you are working for.  Say what you mean.  Never obscure your identity. -Kris Hoet’s
  • If you want to get the conversation started and if you want to keep it rich and rewarding, get opinionated. -Richard Huntington
  • People that were once hopeless and voiceless are empowered through social networks.  As a result, we can communicate, touch and affect others in ways that in years past we could not have dreamt of. -Cord Silverstein